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Hoffmann Group – Image Clip

GARANT Brand movie

Luftaufnahmen ORANGE HOUSE Peißenberg


Turning grade GARANT HB7020

GARANT MasterSteel (product video) – HPC milling cutter from the Hoffmann Group

GARANT MasterSteel (Image video)

HOLEX ProSteel

GARANT video measuring microscopes

Tool24 Smartline

GARANT hard machining. High speed images.

Trochoidal milling video

High speed images GARANT corner and face milling

GARANT HiPer Drill video

Product animation GARANT eco

GARANT Fine Boring System

GARANT deep hole drilling system


Workstations and Storage Showroom of the Hoffmann Group

Workstations and Storage

eForm – Individually planned rigid foam inlay

Tools on Tour Roadshow